ACA Solutions

The Complexities of the ACA Require Experts Combined with Intelligent Technology.


  1. IRS Controlled Group and Common Ownership analysis.
  2. Applicable Large Employer ("ALE") analysis.
  3. Measurements/Stability Period analysis.
  4. ACA compliance review of Waiting Period limitations and Minimum Value confirmation.
  5. IRS 6055/6056 reporting compliance through tracking and administering payroll and benefits data for 1094 and 1095 annual filings and disclosures.
  6. Monthly reporting identifying all employees to whom offers of health insurance coverage must be extended.
  7. Call Center for employee education and enrollment assistance utilizing our proprietary software and methodology that optimizes and reduces healthcare costs for both employees and employers.
  8. Section 4980H penalty exchange notice appeals processing.
  9. Preparation, filing, and distribution of 1094 and 1095 series forms.
  10. PCORI and Transitional Reinsurance Program fee calculations and preparation of Form 720.
  11. ACA IRS audit representation.



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